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Amador Bilingual VoiceOvers

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Commercial Voiceovers for Radio, TV and New Media

Rosi Amador

English Commercial Demo

Spanish Commercial Demo

Brian Amador

English Commercial Demo

Spanish Commercial Demo

We think of commercial spots as “micro-drama”. In the space of 15-60 seconds, the voice actor has to create a story arc and inhabit a character, without the benefit of gestures or facial expressions! We can do it in two languages, and we’ve lent our voices to a wide variety of radio, television and Web commercials. We’ve recorded commercials for retail stores, restaurants, medical services and products, cell phone providers, nonprofits, and more. Check out our commercial demos and videos to see how we can help your message connect, or feel free to request a custom demo or a quote for services.

If you’d like to learn more, you can see a list of the distinguished clients who’ve used our voices in the past, or read their reviews and testimonials.