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Corporate Narration Playlist

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Brian Amador Spanish Corporate Narration
Rosi Amador Accented English Diversity Training Video

As the diverse Hispanic population grows in the U.S., so does the need for narrations in neutral Latin American Spanish, or Hispanic-accented English, to reach a particular demographic. Since launching Amador Bilingual Voiceovers full time in 2009, we’ve responded to hundreds of requests for bilingual corporate narrations. As a result, our whole family regularly delivers:

  • institutional reads
  • diversity and inclusion training modules
  • product installation and use tutorials
  • training/onboarding
  • human resources initiatives
  • corporate culture programs
  • B to B and B to C branding/marketing

We always welcome the opportunity to flex our acting muscles on projects requiring a variety of voice acting skills.

Reaching Out or Reaching In; Making it Connect

Whether you need corporate narration to market to new customers, provide information to existing customers, or communicate within your organization, there are particular considerations that dictate how we voice for a particular corporate job. Most importantly, who are we speaking to? It’s important to strike a balance between formality and warmth. We’ll work with you to find just the right tone to reach the intended audience.

Reaching Out: External Corporate Narrations

This type of narration uses storytelling to promote a corporation’s values, products or services. Corporations spend a great deal of time and money building a consistent brand. Voiceover talent needs to understand this in order to provide a performance that successfully connects with the audience. Some examples include:

  • A detailed overview of a product or service and its features.
  • An invitation to be part of an event.
  • Corporate branding aimed at the final consumer or other businesses.

Reaching In: Internal Corporate Narrations

This type of narration is made for employees and/or management. The goal is usually to help members of the staff learn certain skills or practices in order to meet the corporation’s needs. Some examples include:

  • Training/onboarding
  • Human resources initiatives
  • Corporate culture programs
  • Diversity training

We’ve lent our voices to a wide variety of corporations in standard U.S. English, Spanish and Hispanic-accented English. Speaking of accented English, we  invented the Revolutionary Accent-o-Meter to allow you to choose the exact degree of accent you want!

After so many years of experience, we’re proud that our clients see us as reliable experts in corporate voiceover. The breadth of work we’ve done enables our bicultural team (including translators) to quickly determine what our corporate clients are looking for and how to deliver it.

Looking for the right voice for your corporate narration? You’ll find it here. 

We’ve studied our craft for years to be able to connect with an audience and keep them engaged. Our job is to bring your message to life, and we take that seriously every time we step in front of the microphone. Check out our demos to see how we can help you tell your story, or feel free to request a custom demo or a quote for services.

Whatever your project looks like, ¡Nos encantaría ayudarle! We’d love to help you.