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Tutorial & eLearning Narration

The educational technology available today has vastly expanded learning opportunities for students and those already in the workforce. Still, one of the most powerful teaching tools is the human voice. And as anyone who’s sat through a boring lecture can tell you, the quality of that voice matters! No matter the subject or audience, eLearning narration has to keep the listener engaged and eager to learn.

For more than a decade, we’ve been delivering top-quality eLearning projects in English, Spanish, and Hispanic accented English on a wide variety of topics for audiences from Pre-K to senior. If only we could remember it all, we’d be geniuses!

Whether your project requires a voice that’s authoritative, friendly, energetic or calming, we can give you a read tailored to the subject matter and the audience, in adult female, adult male and young adult/teen female voices. We can even do a variety of character voices if needed, and we’re always happy to take direction. We’ll work with you to insure that your project connects with your audience.

Let us help you with your next eLearning narration project. We’ve recorded hundreds of eLearning modules for

  • Spanish Language Instruction
  • Hispanic/Multi-Cultural Studies
  • Reading & Comprehension
  • STEM (Pre-K to Adult)
  • Product/Service Training
  • Diversity Training
  • Medical/Health & Wellness
  • Industrial Training
  • Institutional Orientation

Check out our eLearning demos, or feel free to request a custom demo or a quote for services.