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Where are you located?
In beautiful Cambridge, Massachusetts, just minutes from Hahvahd!

Can I get a custom audition?
Sure. Just send us up to a minute of copy and any instructions you may have about how you want it read, and we’ll get an audition right out to you.

How can I get a quote?
Easy! Just CLICK HERE to fill out the form.

What’s the difference between “raw” and edited files?
When we record, we often do more than one take of sections of text so you can choose which one best suits your needs. Also, occasionally we might make a little mistake or some breaths or mouth noise may be audible on the recording. If you ask for a raw file, we send it all to you as is, and you take care of the editing. If you want edited files, our fee will be adjusted for the extra time required for us to edit it.

Can I listen and give feedback in the recording session?
Absolutely. You can be part of the session either via Skype, Source Connect Now or phone patch in our home studio.

Do you have ISDN?
No, but we do have Source-Connect and ip-DTL, two cutting-edge applications that are quickly taking ISDN’s place. ISDN, long the standard for remote recording, is exorbitantly expensive, no longer has adequate tech support, requires special equipment, and for all these reasons, is becoming obsolete. Source-Connect and ip-DTL, both Internet-based applications, are stepping in to fill the void with ISDN-(or better)-quality sound that’s much more accessible. If you absolutely need an ISDN session, it can be bridged through Source-Connect or we can record at a local ISDN-equipped studio, the cost of which would be added to our fee.

What’s in your studio?
We maintain a state-of-the-art studio, and our gear is constantly evolving. Please see our Studio Page for a full description of what we offer.

What kind of audio files can you deliver?
We can produce audio files in just about any of the common formats – MP3, WAV, AIFF, even more esoteric formats like µ-law.

How will the audio files be delivered?
However is most convenient for you. Small files can be sent by e-mail. Larger ones can be delivered by a file delivery service such as DropBox or WeTransfer, uploaded to your FTP server, or even burned onto a CD and mailed to you.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Payment can be made either by PayPal (we’ll send you a PayPal invoice if you choose this method) or by check, payable to Amador Bilingual Voiceovers, EIN 04-3548783.

I need my project translated from English into Spanish (or vice versa). Can you help me?
Yes. We can provide the services of certified professional translators to make sure your project sounds as natural in the second language as in the original.

Can you provide music?
Yes, and we love to! In addition to being voiceover artists, we are professional Latin musicians. We can add singing, guitar and percussion to your project; we have a library of original music available, or new music can be composed on commission. We can also add sound effects!

Can you turn my project around in 24 hours?
That depends on the size of your project and whether other work is in the queue in front of yours, but if you urgently require a 24-hour turnaround, we can usually make it happen.

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