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Defending women’s rights and empowering women are missions I strongly believe in that took flight during my life-changing days at Bryn Mawr College, so it was such an honor for me to voice for L’Oreal Paris all of last year. Every Wednesday, I had the pleasure of recording bilingual overdubs in English and Spanish for L’Oreal’s weekly international podcast series featuring the voices of their leaders from around the globe.

I found their L’Oreal Foundation’s “For Women in Science Program” (in partnership with UNESCO), which provides support for women researchers, particularly inspiring. I frequently recorded with Brian, and occasionally our daughter Sonia participated, which was even more fun.

It was enticing to me to voice how new, environmentally-sensitive products are being sustainably produced, and how these can empower global communities of women to look and feel their best.

I’d love to know what you think of the podcast samples and this “Projects We Love” highlight, so please email me, Rosi, via our website!

2014-07-03 08.09.26

Incidentally, last July we were so lucky to meet the podcasts’ producers in person at Goom Social Radio Factory headquarters in Paris. Merçi Juliette et Laura!

-Rosi Amador, Principal
Amador Bilingual Voiceovers
Spanish/English Voiceovers

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Rosi Amador
Rosi Amador is a native Spanish/English voiceover actor with no accent whatsoever in either language. She was raised both in Latin and North America, so she is a native speaker of both languages, bicultural and equally comfortable in both worlds. She can easily add a Hispanic accent to her English reads when required. Her clients describe her voice as friendly, sparkling, expressive, pleasing, warm and enthusiastic. She is a mom of bilingual twins (daughter and son) born in 1996 and the wife and business partner of hubby Brian Amador, Latin guitarist and bilingual voice actor. She loves dark chocolate, yoga and singing Latin music! Visit Rosi's new website:

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6 thoughts on “Bilingual Overdubs for L’Oreal Paris – Empowering Women

  1. what a dreamy opportunity….working for a socially responsible corporation as big and famous as l’oreal. and going to paris, to boot. you go, girl! seems like so many things are going swimmingly, for you and family, and i keep you in my prayers and love. as far as the sample goes, there was a small voice in background of your speaking, a woman, i couldn’t even tell what language it was, but she was there at the beginning and end of your talking. (technical difficulty) as someone who’s learning spanish, the spanish part was “too fast” for me (mas despacio, por favor) but i’m sure for native speakers, it’s fine, and your techies consider all that…..i’m smiling and sending you a big hug. hope to see you somewhere sometime, xooxo

    1. Thanks dear Nancy! That voice you heard in the background is the original speaker who I was overdubbing. It’s called “U.N. style” overdub and the idea is that they leave the original speaker in to give a sense of that personality, but the voiceover overdub is laid over it. I appreciate your thoughtful comments about our how things are going for me and my family. Brian and I have been very blessed of late, with some wonderful opportunities to accomplish trips we’d longed for for many years, and attracting clients who keep coming back to have us voice projects we believe in, and that is precisely our goal in 2015 – to do more projects we love, hence my contribution to our new blog. It means so much to me that you enjoyed this post and that you took the time to comment! Keep enjoying life richly as you always do, and keep working on that Spanish. When we see each other next we’ll have a long chat en español! ¡Prepárate querida! Sending you love as well.

  2. ¡Que bueno! Bravo a toda la familia Amador.

    Let me know, Rosi, when you next go to Paris where I’m just finishing a three-week stay. It’s a fabulous city. I’ve barely scratched the surface in frequent visits and stays for over 50 years! I’d love to share it with you.

    Merci d’être qui vous êtes, de faire ce que vous faites. Bonnes bises à tous les quatre!


    1. Cher Brian,

      Merçi a toi! We would love to return to Paris! It was a very special family trip to celebrate our daughters’ high school graduation. We even got to do a Latin concert in Forcalquier, prior to our Paris visit, which we hope to repeat. You will be amongst the first to know, of course. Thank YOU for following us for close to 30 years and for your incredible life-long work with youth. We are so proud to call you our friend!

      Rosi and Brian

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