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The Best Business Tool We’ve Ever Adopted? Batchbook, Our CRM!

Several years ago, after many years of touring the country with our Latin band, Sol y Canto and then officially launching Amador Bilingual Voiceovers, we just couldn’t keep our growing contact list and details for each job organized efficiently. It was nuts! We struggled along until we learned about CRM’s, or “Customer Relationship Management”.

We began our research of all the CRM’s available at that time and chose BATCHBOOK. We are SO glad we did. It was a game changer for us.

Here’s a snippet of their explainer video (click below) which I’m thrilled to have voiced. I was so tickled their super friendly staff asked me to do this. Hope you like it. You can take the full 2-minute tour of Batchbook’s amazing features on their home page.

[youtube id=”xap8Xn5in8w” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]
We’re stepping up our marketing efforts and really needed a professional, quality voiceover… A deep part of our philosophy is authenticity, so we needed our voice to convey real warmth from a person we know to have a strong character. Rosi to the rescue! We are so happy with and grateful for her artful work. Apparently our customers are too, as we’re seeing remarkable engagement from the video.  The impression it leaves with our customers is priceless.”     

– Pamela O’Hara, CEO Batchbook 

Gracias to Pamela O’Hara for this kind testimonial. I’m telling you *everyone* they are incredibly nice! They all feel like friends to us.

Batchbook promises “organized bliss” and you know what? It’s TRUE! New clients send us inquiries that pop right into their record, as do our “Letters of Agreement” and we now easily keep track of our voiceover jobs no matter how many come in. Plus it’s integrated with social media and so much more.

And it’s so easy to generate reports to help us know if we’re making progress or to contact folks. It’s rather miraculous to be honest. It helps our team to work together better than ever.

The best part is their customer service! The folks at Batchbook really care about us and have come to know us personally, after helping us with our slow learning curve. We’ve been running smoothly for years now. It’s a joy to use Batchbook for both of our businesses and I couldn’t recommend it more highly to anyone reading this.

Brian and I and our fabulous staff all LOVE working with Batchbook. Check out what they have to say:

CRM Batchbook Testimonial “Batchbook streamlines every job so we can go to one place to meet our clients’ wishes and it enables us to work as a team seamlessly.”

– Brian Amador, Bilingual Voice Actor/ Principal/ Guitarist/ Composer & Chef Extraordinaire


CRM Batchbook TestimonialI like how the list functionality allows me to analyze and sort data about our clients and allows me to easily generate reports.”

 – Camilo Gómez, Senior Engineer/ Mr. Analytics/ Granola-lover


CRM Batchbook Testimonial “Batchbook is able to keep track of all my communication with our clients with a click of the send button!”

 – Leslie Rivera, Operations/ Studio Manager/ Ms. Organization/Ms. Friendly to the Max


RosiBy the way, after you click on their 2-minute tour you can sign up FREE for a 30 day trial. Incidentally, I am not getting any commissions on this. I just like sharing a good thing with fellow entrepreneurs who could be reading this. It ain’t easy. This helps!

– Me, Rosi Amador, Bilingual Voice Actor/ Principal/ Latin Vocalist & Percussionist/ Idea Lady /Twin Mami


Let me know what great business tool you’ve implemented if you’re so moved in the comments section! I’d love to hear from you. And of course, if you’d be so kind as to share this post I’d be very grateful. Have a great summer!

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Rosi Amador
Rosi Amador is a native Spanish/English voiceover actor with no accent whatsoever in either language. She was raised both in Latin and North America, so she is a native speaker of both languages, bicultural and equally comfortable in both worlds. She can easily add a Hispanic accent to her English reads when required. Her clients describe her voice as friendly, sparkling, expressive, pleasing, warm and enthusiastic. She is a mom of bilingual twins (daughter and son) born in 1996 and the wife and business partner of hubby Brian Amador, Latin guitarist and bilingual voice actor. She loves dark chocolate, yoga and singing Latin music! Visit Rosi's new website:

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